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Honey Coated


Dripping with water and filled with desire, she touched the arch of my back and worked her way down to my ass. Her hands embraced my cheeks as she jiggled them up and down. I laughed a little at her antics and turned around to face her. I just loved her eyes; they were honey brown and her body was full, but sexy. I never thought that I could be so happy this way and somehow this was the happiest I had ever been. Confused, hell no; I was blissfully happy. There was no one in this world that could take my joy away from me or convince me that I didn't belong with her. Vanessa was my angel who came along to show me that love still exists. The softness in her face made me feel at ease and the way she held me made me feel like I could face the world. One thing was for sure, I had never known anyone who totally completed me like she did. I leaned in for a kiss on her soft subtle lips; our lips parted to taste pure pleasure. That was all I needed to make my blood boil. I wanted this, I needed this and I wasn't about to give it up under any conditions....ever!


 All In Love Is Fair


“This might be the thing I need!” I was feeling a little stressed out and a night out would

do me well. My children were even tired of seeing me around the house. They said,

“Mom we love you, but you need a life.” I was a little insulted, but I agreed very much.

It had been a long time since I had a date or even been close to a man. I admit I felt a

little scared about meeting someone new, but it had to happen someday. My nerves were

the least of my worries; I was more worried about what I would wear. I had to look more

then average I had to take this man’s breath away. 
I spent all evening picking out the perfect outfit, the perfect makeup blend, and the

perfect pin-up hairdo. I slipped into my blue and white cocktail dress and the soft fabric

hugged my body like a pair of strong arms. I felt so sexy and I hope that he would notice

how sexy I look. I was not a conceited person, but I knew when I had it going on.

As I took one last look in the mirror and did some last minute changes, I realized that I

was just stepping back into the world of dating; I would be one of many hoping that

“maybe this will be the one.”

 Time When Sorry's Not Enough


Why did you do it?” A familiar voice blurted from not too far. I looked up and saw Noreen standing in the entrance way. Her face was filled with hurt and anger. I didn't have a clue about what she was talking about.

“Don't just look at to your mouth, man!” Anger poured out of her....she was not the same person I had met just yesterday; something had changed her.

“Sorry, I don't have a clue what you are talking about.” I replied with honesty.

“Oh you know what the hell I'm talking about Dr. Davis. You walk around here with you big degree and your storybook family.......while my Nola lay in her grave. My grandchild has been left without a mother and now I find out that her father has chosen not to give a damn!”

“First of all, try to calm down and talk to me. Believe me I didn't have a clue, about Nola or the baby. I am not an irresponsible man, never have been. If I knew about my child, I would have taken care of it.”
“Look at you, don't even know if the child is a boy or a girl.” Noreen mumbled with sarcasm.

 “Give me a break! I didn't know about any of this until recently......and I don't need your unnecessary  sarcasm. Obviously, Nola didn't feel the need to include me in “that” decision. 

“Oh Dr. Davis, we both know that's not true. She sent several letters to your residence. I know this because I mailed some of them for her.” She replied with confidence.

“I...I never received any letters from Nola, ever.”

“Well I must be a damn liar or something's not right in your household. Maybe you need to ask yourself if your house is in order. Maybe the Mrs. has a little secret bottled up inside of her.”

Changing Faces


It was maybe four months after Harlem started working with Stricker and his crew that he called me with urgency in his voice. “Hey baby sis, what's up with your girl Shamia?” he asked.

“What you mean, what's up with her; I don't know!” I said in confusion.

“Well I thought that you should know that bitch on some other shit. She been hanging around the crew and rumor has it she been fucking everybody for money.”

I jumped up so fast; that bitch better not be fucking my man because I would kill the bitch.

“What the fuck, how long this shit been going on?”

All I know is that I saw her leaving with one of my boys; later on I confronted him and he told me everything. Seriously, I think the bitch on drugs and fucking for money or product.

“Get the fuck out of here Harlem...for real?”

“For real, I mean have you seen her lately, she look fucked up.” Harlem said

“Messing with all those nigga's probably got her caught up, but I want to know why she so close to mine.”

“From what I understand, the bitch will mess with whoever got what she need and I mean anybody!” Harlem said intently.

“Well all I want to know is if the bitch fucked my man, so what's the 411 on that?” I asked my brother.   “Honestly, I haven't heard nothing on that, but like I said I just found out what she was all about. You know I'm going to investigate and let you know; you got that.”

“Cool, that's straight, you let me know.” I said as my mind begin to wonder.

“No doubt lil sis; got to go, but I love you.”

“I love you too big bro; take care.” After we hang up, I called Arlene to find out if she knew what was up with “our girl.” Shamia was never one you could trust a lot, but she was on a whole other level with this shit. Arlene didn't know anything about what Shamia was doing, she hadn't even seen her in like six months. She told me that she wasn't surprised though, because Shamia was naive and would always do anything for money. Arlene knew Shamia longer then I had; matter of fact, I met Shamia through Arlene. At this point, the only thing I wanted to know was if the bitch had any contact with my man.

All Day Blues

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Decent Proposal

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Living For The City

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Soulful & Entertaining

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